33 Things

If you’re new to 242, this seems like the perfect time for a little session of ‘Getting to Know You.’ If you know, then you can trust. And if you can trust, then I’ve accomplished my goal.

  1. I chose 33 because it’s the number of cars on the grid at the Indy 500. Marketing 101: Sometimes your audience doesn’t know. Help them out.
  2. The first major I picked in college was Education because I thought I wanted to be a teacher. Then I found out what PR was all about and haven’t looked back since.
  3. My first name is Mary. Most people don’t know that, but when they find out, there’s inevitably some reference to joining a convent. Or my favorite, “Happy Hannukah, Mary Monica!”
  4. I love to write. One of my bucket list items is to publish a novel.
  5. I have an unreasonable number of nicknames. Among the most used: Monzi, Monzibird, Shorty, Mon Mon, Mon Chi Chi, Mo-na-na, Mo Money, Jordan, etc. Just pick something – I’ll probably answer to it.
  6. I believe that life is too short not to laugh at yourself.
  7. Social media is what I do. I’d like to prove it to you.
  8. I’m a serial entrepreneur. In addition to 242MPH, I’m the owner of KAHA FITNESS (www.KahaFit.com) and co-owner of Snakepit Customs (www.SnakepitCustoms.com). Someday, I’d love to open a dog daycare and/or dog rescue.
  9. I firmly believe in “Paying it Forward.” Thank you to all those who have helped me get to where I am today. I fully intend to help others the way you have helped me.
  10. Fitness is a passion of mine and it’s how I mentally balance myself. If you want a great workout, come to one of my GRIT, COMBAT, ATTACK or FLOW classes.
  11. At any one time, I’m working on or formulating a project. Having nothing on my to-do list means I’m not learning or being productive.
  12. I’m a Detroit Lions fan (and have been since the Barry Sanders era). Insert surprised “really?!” A sympathetic head tilt is optional. I’m getting very good at saying, “This is OUR year.”
  13. When I need advice on something, I try to find the person who’s doing it best. Mediocre is simply not an option.
  14. My first job was at Subway. I was a “Sandwich Artist.” And a damn good one at that. Would you like that on white or wheat?
  15. I have the absolute best family and friends in the world. I would try to expand on that, but there isn’t enough bandwidth in the world to support my compliments. They are perfect.
  16. Your Marketing Sucks” by Mark Stevens is one of my favorite books. Solid and real.
  17. Being on a motorcycle or jet-ski makes me happier than it should.
  18. I can’t explain why I love dogs so much. I just do.
  19. It’s in my genes to be an exceptional golfer. My brother was planning to try out for Q-school to join the PGA Tour. He’s an instructor at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy. My dad was ranked as the 7th best Senior Amateur in the world. As for me? My inconsistency on the course is quite impressive and I’m exceptional at driving the cart, but let’s play a round, shall we?
  20. I dig anyone who can use movie quotes in everyday conversation. It’s a substantial gift.
  21. I work extremely well under pressure.
  22. I’m obsessed with the TV show Friends. Don’t even try to challenge me in the Friends Trivia game. I appreciate your confidence, but you won’t win.
  23. I have a serious addiction to lip gloss and/or chapstick.
  24. I love to dance. It doesn’t matter where. I sometimes spontaneously bust out the running man. It’s hard to control, but when the beat hits you, you don’t fight it.
  25. My dad has a saying: “Water seeks it’s own level.” I try to surround myself with people who will bring me up instead of drag me down.
  26. Spiders really creep me out. I have a fear that if I step on one, its hairy, crawly legs will flip up and wrap around my foot.
  27. I’m also afraid of balloons. Don’t ask.
  28. I believe that anything – little or big – becomes an adventure when you share it with the right person.
  29. I’ve been told that my sense of humor is “witty.” As long as we can laugh together, call it whatever you want.
  30. I believe that no vacation is complete without a beach and a Dirty Banana. It’s a drink. What were you thinking?
  31. I once rolled ten pass-line points playing craps, earning thousands of dollars for some cute little old guys at the other end of the table. Where was my tip, fellas?
  32. Over the years, I’ve refused to download Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga or other similar games on my phone, due to the number of hours my friends have claimed they’ve lost to it. With that said, I can’t seem to give up my Solitaire app for long flights.
  33. I’m genuinely excited about helping YOU reach your goals. Contact me and let’s get started!

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